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Our vocal group is united by a shared mission for performing music that challenges the vocalist, moves the audience, and reaches the highest standards of quality.

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Calling All Tenors and Bases
Auditioning now!

We are currently looking for Soprano, Tenor and Baritone/Bass voices to join our group! For more info on our group including audition requirements, click here.

Ready to audition? Sign up below!

WHCT Singers Jen Ludgin.jpeg


Peyton Mayzel

Shizuka Saito

Randie Fierberg
Lena Felix
Jen Ludgin
Jill Rizzo
Vanessa Robb
Naomi Scheinerman

Sarah Petersen - Director & Vocal Filler

David Jarkey - Assistant Director & Accompanist

Michael Townsend

Mark Moyle

Gallery & Media

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